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Tumblr Invites Brand Marketers to Create, Discover and Engage



舉例來說:加拿大的地方旅遊網站”Travel Alberta”與Tumblr合作,而其目標為吸引美國遊客探訪Banff和其他加拿大北部令人嘆為觀止的景點。Travel Alberta以”別忘了呼吸”為旨吸引遊客,並且能夠透過Tumblr的頁面探索它們的Winterlust,頁面中除了有大量的相片和影片以外,還提供了許多有用的工具給那些可能的造訪者。

除了冰上健行介紹、體驗雪橇以及住宿提點以外,它也提供了旅遊計畫、露營地導覽和公園指南等。至於成果呢?自從Travel Alberta開始經營它的Tumblr專頁至今,其追蹤人數大約成長了1,395%。這是個令人印象深刻的統計數據,並且同時帶動了其他影像社群軟體,像是Pinterest和Instagram的使用率。

專頁還包含了各種品牌影片,像是Chasing Starlight,內容在描述有關加拿大洛磯山脈的冒險之旅,這是Travel Alberta在三月要舉行的Winterlust活動之一。Travel Alberta的消費者行銷主管Jasmine Thompson說:「我們想要藉由那些捕捉了Alberta美麗本質的相片和影片來激發”Winterlust(冬日誘惑)”的概念,但同時又能夠提供實用的資源讓民眾計畫他們這個冬季的冒險旅程」。

在大西洋的另一端,Discover Great Britain在Tumblr上的旅遊專頁亦出現了成果。而這些成果,根據Yahoo的分析,包含:

  • 基本互動式功能(例如like,re-blogs還有follows)伴隨英國旅遊局(VisitBritain)網站的內容在第一個月倍增,且部落格比上個月多了三倍的瀏覽人次。
  • 這個活動在三個禮拜內達到了1500萬的瀏覽人次還有超過20萬次的基本互動式功能之使用


Alberta和Great Britain特有的展示廣告意外符合了Yahoo的特質,除了在Tumblr上的贊助貼文外,也提供了更廣泛的觸及率。在Discover Great Britain的案例中,將內容同步放上Yahoo,也使得覆蓋範圍倍增。

品牌行銷者也被邀請與Tumblr在本地廣告和贊助內容上合作。為了有效利用它的創意社群,Tumblr上禮拜發表了Creatrs Network,這是一個可以連結部落客藝術家跟品牌行銷者以及有相關需求的組織的內部機構。目前,AT&T、Universal Pictures和Gap都已經開始使用這個網路。

Tumblr的創意策略部門負責人David Hayes說:「Tumblr將會在自己的平台、Facebook、Instagram、Youtube、活動的展示大標還有他們的網站上成為最好的廣告活動,這是完全可以理解的,而提出一個可以達成此目標的架構只花了一些時間」

Yahoo的解決方案負責人Patrick Albano說:「品牌面臨相同的挑戰已經持續一段時間了,而且可能隨著時間更加惡化,但是他們需要一個方法來發展內容還有了解到底它們的客群想要的是什麼」



As Yahoo continues to test revenue models (and finally resolve its Alibaba stake), its Tumblr brand is becoming increasingly attractive as a messaging platform for marketers.

Yahoo is slowly delivering brand partners to help monetize, leverage and create engagement on Tumblr with ever more sophisticated resources for branded content and outreach.

Case in point: Tumblr's partnership with Canada's Travel Alberta, a provincial tourism program aimed at drawing American tourists north of the border to experience Banff and its other stunning sites.

TA is wooing visitors with a pitch to “remember to breathe” and explore their “Winterlust” via a Tumblr page that's not only photo- and video-laden, but offers useful tools for would-be visitors.

From ice walking to dogsledding to tips on accommodation, it also offers a travel planner, campground guide and parks guide. The payoff? Since the page launched, TA's Tumblr following has grown by approximately 1,395%—an impressive stat given that it's also wooing visitors with other visual social touchpoints including Pinterest and Instagram.

The page also includes branded videos such as Chasing Starlight - An Adventure in the Canadian Rockies, part of TA's "Winterlust" campaign that runs through March.

“We wanted to inspire 'Winterlust' with beautiful photos and videos that capture the essence of Alberta, while offering helpful resources for people to plan their next travel adventure this winter,” said Jasmine Thompson, Director Consumer Marketing USA at Travel Alberta.

And from across the Atlantic, the Discover Great Britain tourism page on Tumblr has been paying off, too. Some results, according to Yahoo:

  • Organic interactions (such as likes, re-blogs or follows) with VisitBritain’s content doubled in the first month, with blog impressions tripling in comparison to the month prior
  • The campaign garnered 15 million impressions and over 200,000 organic interactions over a three-week period.

In both the Alberta and Great Britain campaigns, the native and display ads for these programs run across Yahoo properties—in addition to Sponsored Posts on Tumblr—to provide extensive reach. In the case of Discover Great Britain, syndicating content across Yahoo doubled the campaign's reach.

Brand marketers are also being invited to collaborate creatively with Tumblr on native advertising and sponsored content on the site and beyond.

In a bid to leverage its own creative community, Tumblr last week launched the Creatrs Network, an in-house agency (as Fast Company puts it) to connect its blogger-artists with brand marketers and organizations looking for content for their ads and native advertising. So far, AT&T, Universal Pictures and Gap have all used the network.

“The idea that Tumblr will power the best advertising campaigns on Tumblr—and on Facebook and on Instagram and on YouTube and on display banner campaigns and their websites—it totally makes sense to us," said David Hayes, Tumblr Head of Creative Strategy, to Wired. “Coming up with a structure that allowed us to do that took a little bit of time.”

Brands have had the same challenge for a long time, and it has probably got worse over time, but they need a way to develop content and to understand what audiences want,” stated Patrick Albano, Head of Solutions, EMEA at Yahoo.

“New platforms are coming along all the time, and brands are trying to figure out the best way to communicate with people in all those different environments. The aim is to be a one-stop partner for brands to create, distribute and earn more distribution. Brands need help with their content marketing strategies—there is no consistency in terms of the experiences currently available, and we want to help with that.”




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